Meet our Trainees

Khawar Naeem

Technical Sales Engineer- Rail Market

My name is Khawar Naeem and I am a part of Westermo Central Rail team based in Vasteras. I was one of the three trainees in the Westermo’s first International Trainee program in 2016.

Looking back the Westermo Trainee program, I would say that it was one of the best career decisions that I made, and it really served as a solid foundation to build my career on. It's an international program that allows the trainees from different countries to learn from their similarities and differences. The program is full of challenges and learning tasks over different Westermo departments and business units across the world and it helps the trainees to acquire both managerial, leadership and technical skills as well as a deep insight into Westermo’s business areas markets, products, solutions and customers. The WTP gives you the tools and the freedom to ask and to move between departments and countries. Then, it’s your responsibility to take advantage of the opportunity. I appreciate the opportunity I was given to be involved in important decisions and business functions while working as a trainee. I believe the WTP is going to be a cornerstone for any trainee’s future professional development. Welcome to Westermo!

Elena Bersanini

Business Development Manager

Everything I have learned during the International Trainee Program has been extremely useful for my current position. It afforded me the opportunity to understand how a leading manufacturer of industrial data communication products works, including all the crucial processes and challenges.

I worked in different departments and business units across the world, acquiring strong leadership skills and technical knowledge.

The International Trainee Program allows you to build a solid network, proven by the fact that I now have contacts all around the world and I know better than ever to whom to reach out if I have any questions. 

I also learnt about different cultures and working practices. The program promotes diversity, both in terms of nationality, gender and background. It taught me how to adapt to different contexts, and how to operate in different environments.

During the program I had the opportunity to work for a semester in the business unit in Singapore. This fantastic experience enriched me on a professional level as my ability to adapt to different cultures, working methods, and conditions was consistently put to the test. 

Thank you WESTERMO for so many opportunities. To everyone out there, I highly recommend this program.

Jonas Holmberg

R&D Software Developer

The Westermo trainee program has provided me with a great and fun start for my professional career. Allowing me, directly after finishing my university studies, to enter a company developing very interesting products. During my time on Westermo so far, I have learned a lot from working with very supportive and friendly colleagues. For me the trainee program have been very rewarding in a multitude of ways, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Manne Hellsing

Product Manager

The two best things about being a Westermo Trainee are all of the people I have met and the things I have learned from working with them. As a trainee I worked in several different departments of the company and was able to learn how they worked from the inside out by the guidance of highly skilled and experienced mentors. This has proven very useful in my current role as a Technical Product Manager, which I started after completing the Trainee program.


Lennart Eriksson

R&D Software Developer

The trainee program was a good way to get to know the bigger picture of the company. You get to see everything from production to the end customers needs and desire.