Who we are

We could write an essay on who we are, what we believe in and what we do but at Westermo Network Technologies AB it’s the people that build the company - so what better way to describe the company than with the employees own words.

Competent, ambitious and dedicated colleagues

Quality is everything – the people, the organisation and the products.

The best team spirit there is!

At Westermo Network Technologies AB you are a part of the future

I contribute to the company’s success

High geek factor!


Deliver the best industrial networks


Commited people, quality and true to specification

Core Values

Professional high tech engineering.

Business Idea

Robust data communication – made easy.

Career opportunities

Job category
Software Developer for Test Framework & Tools

As a developer of the Test Framework & Tools at Westermo you will be part of a team who is responsible for our Test Framework & Tools used for system level testing of network solutions based on our products.

Final application date 2019-06-30
Key Account Manager

Wir suchen einen erfahrenen Key Account Manager. Sie werden unsere innovativen Produkte im Umfeld der kritischen Infrastruktur vertreiben.

Final application date 2019-06-30
Repair Services Engineer

We believe that you are a analytical, independent and structured person. The work consists of delivering repair services to the customers, both internally and externally. The repair team is characterized by openness, good team spirit and high competence.

Final application date 2019-06-30
Cyber Security Developer

We are looking for a cyber security developer who is eager to lead others to join our R&D team in Västerås, Sweden. For this position you need to have excellent skills in Swedish and English, both written & spoken.

Final application date 2019-06-30
DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a passionate developer who enjoys developing and integrating software solutions that make R&D and IS/IT organisations move forward. You want to take on our existing services solutions that aid R&D in daily basis and develop it further in close relationship with both R&D and IS/IT.

Final application date 2019-06-30

Candidate Pool

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Meet the people


Software Test Manager

I’ve worked at Westermo Network Technologies since 2013. I wasn’t looking for a job when a saw that Westermo Network Technologies was looking for a Software test manager but I felt that I had to take the chance. The role turned out to be perfect for me, and to have the opportunity to work at a company that both focus on the development of new products and existing was to god to miss out on. Also, Westermo Network Technologies has a strong focus on automation of test and has a reputation for having one of the best test processes. Our test system gives feedback every morning to the developers on the programming they did yesterday. This feedback gives us the opportunity to find and solve problems early in the development process. This way of testing makes Westermo Network Technologies a more agile company and we are able to develop products faster than we could without it.

I love my job at Westermo Network Technologies and I look forward to every new week. I know that I have an impact on the success of the company and that my input is important.


Hardware Designer

Before I joined the Westermo  Network Technologies team in 2012. I had heard a lot about the company and the quality of the products, and now that I work here that is something I am really proud of.

Westermo Network Technologies  has state of art equipment and several top modern laboratories. One of the best things about Westermo Network Technologies is the closeness to the production; I can work on a new design and instantly get feedback from the factory. Another great thing about Westermo Network Technologies  is that the company gives you the freedom to work from wherever you are. That gives me the opportunity to manage my family’s farm and work full-time at Westermo Network Technologies. Both the company and my colleagues are open to solutions and we all feel that we contribute to Westermo Network Technologies success. A day at Westermo Network Technologies is never the same and it doesn't feel like a chore to go to work; I get to spend my days at a fun and creative place with intelligent and innovative people.


Global Account Manager

When I first heard about Westermo Network Technologies I was working at another large technology company. We had previously worked with Westermo Network Technologies and I knew them to be a great company so I found myself immediately interested. I have degrees in electronics and in network manager systems and I had been looking for an opportunity to move towards this. I contacted Westermo Network Technologies and introduced myself which led to a meeting with their Sales Director and we hit it off straight away.

After a few months they called me to ask if I wanted to step into the newly created role as an account manager and it was a perfect fit for me! Today I work as a Global Account Manager and I can say that everything that I heard about Westermo is true. It is an innovative company that strives for quality in everything they do and the team spirit is unique.




We have our headquarters in Sweden but you can find Westermo Network Technologies all over the world.